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Rediscovering Ginninderra: A database:
Julia 'Judy the Great' Webb

Born: c. 1820; Died: 1877; Married: John Webb

Julia 'Judy the Great' Webb

Irishwoman, Julia Webb, was the daughter of Walter Hoolihan and Bridget (nee Dowlan). She arrived in Australia in 1841 with her husband, John Webb, and they settled on the eastern side of Parkwood at Ginninderra Creek.

From the 1840s until about 1858 Julia Webb (then known as 'Judy the Great') operated a sly grog shop out of her slab hut. It became known as 'Grant Inn'. She also practised midwifery and nursing and became well-loved in the community.

As her shop was off the beaten track and loved by locals, she was able to operate for many years with impunity and little fear of legal action. She even advertised her wares in The Goulburn Herald.

Webb was forced to close down after a conviction at Queanbeyan Police Court and was fined £30 (half of which was claimed by the unpopular informant). 'Judy the Great' went to live at Springbank where she continued providing people in the Canberra district with nursing services.

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