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Rediscovering Ginninderra: A database:
Susannah Hollingsworth

Born: 1851; Died: 1936; Married: Malachi Hollingsworth

Susannah Curran had a long history in the Yass and Ginninderra districts as a hotelier.

She was born at Yass in 1851 to Patrick Curran and Anne (nee Griffiths), publicans who operated the White Horse Inn at Yass.

She married Malachi Hollingsorth in 1873 at Yass and they had ten children together.

The Hollingsworths ran the Travellers' Rest inn at Murrumbateman. In 1898 they purchased the Cricketers' Arms hotel at One Tree Hill and ran it together until Malachi died two years later. Susannah took over the licence in her own right and operated the business for several years.

Eventually, in 1905 she decided to sell up to the Lazarus family and ran a boarding house located on the southern side of Kinleyside's Hall in the village of Hall. She became known affectionately as 'Granny Hollingsworth' and died in Hall in 1936.


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