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Jeir Public School [1878 - 1924]

Jeir began in 1878, as a Half time school paired with Bedellick. Richard Jordan was the prime instigator and subsequent Secretary of the School Board.

Jeremiah McAuliffe, adjacent land-holder and staunch catholic, won the contract to build a new school in 1884 for £185. Jeir operated as a Public school until 1894, but after that was either a Provisional school, temporarily closed, or Half time with Griffiths Flat (1900-05), Toual (1912-18), or Gooda Creek (1923-24).

A request from teacher Mary Hudson in 1885 to close the school due to ‘diptheria and severe colds’ amongst the pupils was granted, but a request to close the school for Yass Show Day in 1896 was refused. Yass was ‘too far away’…..

In May 1917 local residents were paid £45 to move the school two miles up Nanima Road (Ed Bush’s Portion 235), so as to be more accessible to local families. In 1919 teacher Martin Feld was authorised to spend up to £14 on lining the school, provided that the residents did all the work. The school closed in 1924, and was sold to Mr C Butt of ‘Hillview’, Nanama Creek, for £5.5.0 in 1928.

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