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Yumburra West [1885 - 1895]

Extract from Lyall Gillespie, Early education and schools in the Canberra region. pp 60-61:

"Thomas Leonard submitted an application on 11 August 1883 for the establishment of a Provisional Scchool at Yumburra West. Those who undertook to send children to the school were Thomas Leonard, Edwin Davis, Daniel McHaig, John O'Donnell, Janes Duff, Samuel Ledger and Patrick Kaveney.

Approval was given for the establishment of a school on 21 December 1883 and the inspector prepared a specification for a suitable building. Tenders were called but those received proved too high. Inspector Dawson recommended that a committee be formed to organise the erection of a building, the cost not to exceed £60. John Grace of Middle Station, Cavan, offered to erect a school at a cost of ₤60 and his offer was accepted.

The school opened with William Lawrence Johns as teacher in April 1885. The Secretary of Lands approved of the permanent dedication of two acres, Portion 9 in the Parish of Umburra, County of Cowley, as the school site.and the temporary reservation of eight acres, Portion 10, as a school paddock (see Parish Map).

Johns remained at the school only until February 1886. Three other teachers taught at the school before it closed in April 1895. The last of them, Alfred Dawson Southwell, appeared in court and was cautioned concerning excessive punishment inflicted on Ernest Davis".

In 1896 the school building was removed and became the Ledgerton School, which opened in January 1897 - a Half Time school with Uriarra. [Gillespie: 95]

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