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Boambola [1889 - 1897]

'An application submitted by William Boyd for the establishment of a Provisional school at Bambolo (Kitty's Creek) five miles from Murrumbateman received approval in July 1888. John King, Thomas Madden, Henry Carey, Patrick Nash, George Frankum, George Merriman, John Garner, William Boyd and T. Wood undertook to send children to the school.

The school building was completed in December 1888 and after inspecting it Inspector L E Lawford recommended that payment of ₤60 be made to William Boyd. The school opened on January 1889 with Ellen Maher as teacher. She departed in June 1894, after which the school closed until August 1895, when Mercy Brandon took up duty. [Ellen Clark moved to Weetangera where she was the teacher for twenty six years]. She was followed by Mary Ann O'Donnell [who had previously been teacher at at Bedellick and Toual] but Boambolo school closed in November 1897 due to falling attendance. The school building was eventually purchased by William McClung for the sum of ₤7-0-6.'

[extract from Gillespie, L. L. 1994. Early Education and Schools in the Canberra Region. p.61]

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