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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Isabella Hay Gillespie

Born: 1861; Died: 1938; Married: James Gillespie

Isabella Hay Gillespie

Isabella Hay Jones (known as 'Belle') was born in February 1861, the daughter of Thomas and Isabella Jones (nee Donaldson) of Rocky Gully, Oak Hill (north of Mulligans Flat).

She married James Gillespie at Oak Hill in 1882. They spent their life together at Elm Grove and had four children.

Belle had not been educated and was not able to read or write. She took much pleasure from her husband reading to her in the evenings. James, of course, was the Ginninderra correspondent of the Goulburn Eveneing Penny Post and wrote under the pseudonym of 'The Wizard'.

Belle was a hard worker, rising early each morning throughout her life to milk the cows, separate the cream for the butter and bake the bread. She was also a keen gardener.

Her husband died in 1926. Belle died in 1938 and is buried at St Johns, Reid.

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