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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Edith May Shumack

Born: 1874; Died: 1945; Married: George Shumack

Edith May Shumack

Edith May Gozzard (known as 'May') was the daughter of Henry Edward Gozzard and Eliza Ann (nee Morris). She was born at Ginninderra in 1874. Her mother was the daughter of Henry Morris, the local bootmaker.

Edith married George Shumack in July 1895 with whom she had nine children. Three of them are identified in a 1905 photograph of the children of Ginninderra school. They settled at Mayfield near Ginninderra, where George was farming before their marriage, before moving to Hall. When her home was destroyed by fire in 1908, James McCarthy of 'Glenwood' offered them a place to live while they got back open their feet again.

Edith died in 1945 and George followed in 1958.

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