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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Mary Cavanagh

Born: 1841; Died: 1921; Married: Patrick Cavanagh

Mary  Cavanagh

The Cavanaghs became synonymous with the Mulligans Flat area, even though they first selected land at One Tree Hill.

Mary was the daughter of Irish immigrants, Brian and Margaret Logue (nee McAlroy; post Margaret Crinigan). She was born 'at sea', during the voyage out to New South Wales and her birth was registered at Parramatta on arrival in 1841.

Sixteen-year-old Mary married Patrick Cavanagh at Queanbeyan in 1857. They were to have a bountiful marriage with eleven children. In the late 1850s, Mary was working as a domestic servant for Reverend Smith at his parsonage in Canberra, while Patrick was a farm labourer throughout the district.

After the land reforms of 1861, her father-in-law, Thomas Cavanagh, selected a small plot at One Tree Hill and the Cavanaghs slowly built up this holding into a prosperous farm. After some time, Patrick and Mary established their own farm at Mulligans Flat. Patrick died in 1914 and Mary followed him seven years later in 1921.

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