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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Job Brown

Born: 1860; Died: 1937; Married: Hannah Southwell

Job Brown was born at 'Wesley Vale, Oolong Creek – Dalton, NSW The youngest son of Thomas and Sarah (nee Turk) Brown. His father was known as 'Old Tom' and was a very influential Methodist preacher in the Dalton district.

In 1887 he married Hannah Southwell, and for the first seven years of their marriage they lived at Dalton. During this period they had four children:

In about 1895 the family moved to 'Holmwood' in the Wallaroo district, close to Parkwood, the home of Southwell patriarch Thomas Southwell, and neighbours to Hannah's brother Richard at 'Brooklands'. Three more children were born after this move:

Holmwood appears to have been a 100 acre block – Portion 23, Parish of Wallaroo – which was used mainly for sheep grazing. It was a Conditional Purchase by Catherine McPherson in 1873

In 1905 'Holmwood' carried five horses and 240 sheep; in 1906 no horses but 240 sheep. By 1924 (when additional land may have been added) the property was carrying six horses, 9 cattle and 371 sheep.

The family attended Wattle Park church, Hall. Southwell patriarch Thomas had died in 1881, and the last service to be held at the Parkwood Chapel was in 1906. Several of Thomases children were active in establishing the new centre for worship, particularly Samson and Samuel who selected land in that district.

The Queanbeyan Observer reported reported a heavy thunderstorm which passed over the church at about 3 pm on Sunday 27 December. 'Trees were falling the church yard, and tethered horses pulling away. A large tree fell on Mr Job Brown's buggy and it was thought at first that it was smashed, but upon inspection it was found to be all right. It is very handy to have an unbreakable buggy, and speaks well for the maker Mr Nugent, late of Queanbeyan'. [Queanbeyan Observer, 29 December 1903, p.2]

Job Brown enjoyed good health up until a few years before his death. He didn't fully regain his strength after an operation, and spent several months in Queanbeyan hospital. He died on the morning of 13 January 1937 at the age of seventy seven. Obituaries state that his life had been an up-hill struggle, but 'as years went by he made good'. He was known for his quiet, peaceful and patient disposition and was highly respected. He was a loyal supporter of his church and a regular attendant, helping the church in any way that he could. Following a service at Wattle Park Church he was buried at Hall cemetery with his wife Hannah, who had died six years before.

His was survived by his sons Gordon and Ron, who carried on at the family home and property, and by his daughters Leila Gifford, Rita Coulton and Elsie Rule. His son Mervyn died at the age of three in 1898. His son Morley was one of two local men who were killed in the Great War, at the age of twenty six.

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