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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Mary Ann Jane Hatch

Born: 1845; Died: 1896; Married: James Thomson Hatch

James Hatch was born in Goulburn in 1837. He came to Ginninderra in early 1859, but left to test his luck at the Kiandra goldfield, along with a number of other hopeful young Ginninderrans - Robert Kilby, William Bowyer, and Edwin Palmer. After twelve months or so, they all returned, mostly with empty pockets.

Hatch settled down into life at Ginninderra and built the original blacksmith's shop by 1860. This was also the year that he married fifteen-year-old Mary Ann Daley from Tumut. The young couple led an industrious life together in Ginninderra. His elder brother, William Hatch (senior), moved nearby in 1862, taking up a selection called Rosewood. James purchased his own small landholding adjacent to the smithy and, when he wasn't busy at the anvil, he farmed.

But James Hatch's presence in Ginninderra was short-lived. The Hatch family left the blacksmith's shop around 1865. Hatch eventually settled at Brewarrina, where he died from heat stroke in 1896. Mary Ann followed him later that year.


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