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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
James Alexander McIntosh

Born: 1818; Died: 1889; Married: 1. Catherine McPherson; 2. Ann McDonald (widow, maiden name McIntosh)

James Alexander McIntosh (1818-1889)

James McIntosh was a native of Urquhart, Inverness-shire, the son of Donald and Isabella McIntosh. He and his wife Catherine (nee McPherson), also of Inverness-shire, emigrated to Australia aboard the 'Empire' in 1853 with the first three of their five children - Donald, Jessie and Elizabeth. Andrew and Isabella were born in Australia. In 1857 the family were living in Morisett Street, Queanbeyan, where Isabella was born. James was at some time a policeman in Queanbeyan, and later at Yass. Sadly his wife Catherine, aged thirty, died in 1859, leaving James a widower with five children to care for.

Ten years later (1869) James married a widow, Ann McIntosh, one of the six children of James McIntosh, pioneer settler of the Majura district and founder of the large McIntosh clan well known in the Majura and Queanbeyan districts, and well beyond. James was not part of this extended family.

Ann McIntosh (1814-1874) was previously married in 1834 to Donald McDonald. They emigrated to Australia on the 'Stamboul' in 1854. Donald worked for the Campbell family on the 'Duntroon estate. He died in 1866 at the Duntroon shepherd's 'outstation' of Mugga Mugga. They were married for thirty-two years, but had no children. So it was that in 1869 the widow Ann and the widower James married, Ann becoming step-mother to five children. The marriage was to be rather short-lived however, as Ann passed away from bronchitis in 1874.

By that time the family was living at 'Walleroo' - and James had become a farmer. In 1883, according to Leon Smith 600 acres 'close to the Murrumbidgee' was registered in the name of James McIntosh. According to Smith this land was eventually absorbed into the McCarthy's 'Glenwood' estate. James' daughter Jessie married Lachlan McPherson and they set up home not far away at 'Willow Creek', Wallaroo. Another daughter, Isabella, married Matthew O'Brien (1882), the son of pioneer settlers in the Jeir district, Jane and John O'Brien

James died in 1889 at the age of seventy-one at his Wallaroo residence. A police constable before spending his last twelve years as a farmer, his death was recorded by The Wizard in the following terms:

Died at the residence of his son-in-law Mr L McPherson of Wallaroo on Sunday morning last (1.9.1889). The deceased had for many years followed the occupation of farmer and grazier at Wallaroo. Some two years ago he was seized with a paralytic stroke which deprived him of the use of his legs and this combined with general breakup of the system from old aged was the immediate cause of his death. The deceased had been twice married but both his partners had gone before him. He leaves a family of four children all of whom are grown up and married. [Wizard's Notes Post 10.9.1889]


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