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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
James Munday

Born: 1832; Died: 1913; Married: Ann Trow

James Munday was born in Gloucestershire, England, and was living there when he married Ann Trow (daughter of James Trow and his wife Elizabeth) from Stroud. They arrived in Australia on 17 December 1852 on the ship 'Irene', which must have been soon after their wedding, and went first to 'Duntroon'. Their second child Henry Little was born at Duntroon in 1855. James and Ann had nine children, one of whom, Lucy, died in infancy. The others were:

In the Shipping Lists of Assisted Immigrants James's parents are listed as 'Not known. Both dead' and his occupation is recorded as Groom or Gardener'. Both James and Ann gave their age as twenty-one, they were both able to read and write, and both gave their religion as Church of England. Neither had any relatives in the Colony. James paid ₤2 towards the fare for himself and his wife.

He and Ann were both buried at St John the Baptist church, Canberra.

Obituary - James Munday

'News has just reached me of the death at Jeir on Sunday last at the advanced age of 86 years of Mr. James Munday, an old and esteemed resident of Gininderra. Between 50 and 60 years ago the late Mr. Munday came to Ginninderra, and entered the services of the late Mr. William Davis (junior) as head gardener. A few years later he rented a farm from Mr. Davis near the now Gungahleen homestead. This he worked for several years with such success as to enable him to purchase a fairly large holding of his own near Jeir station, and on this he remained till his death. The deceased, who was a man of sterling character and esteemed by all who knew him, leaves a large grown up family of sons and daughters, most of whom are natives of Gininderra. His wife predeceased him by several years'.

(The Wizard, Goulburn Evening Penny Post,12 August 1913, p. 2)

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