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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Arthur Vivian* Gozzard

Born: 1882; Died: 1972; Married: Eva Lilian Gillespie

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'Advance Hall – I notice that workmen are busily engaged in erecting another new and commodious building facing the main street of Hall as a private residence for Mr A V Gozzard'. Goulburn Evening Penny Post (Wizard's Ginninderra Notes) 4.3.1909

'The following after auction purchases have been approved: G Shumack allotment 3, Section 4 - ½ acre at £6; Eliza Gozzard allotment 3, section 10 at £1 all in the village of Hall, Parish of Ginninderra. Queanbeyan Age 3.8.1901

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