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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Henry Gozzard (Senior)

Born: 1832; Died: 1902; Married: 1. Margaret Cameron (nee McPherson); 2. Eliza Haddon (nee Morris)

The Gozzards of Aston

Edward Gozzard and his son Henry arrived in Sydney on the SS Calcutta in 1854. While Edward returned to England five years later, Henry married, settled on land near Mulligans Flat, and raised a large family.

Edward and Henry's ancestors were known to have lived in Handsworth, Aston from the 1700's. Edward Gozzard was a senior mechanic and worked in the metal and foundry industry in what is now known as Birmingham. In 1823 he arrived in Calcutta aboard the H. C. Chartered Ship Potton to work at the Calcutta Mint. He was known to have survived a fire at the Mint.

In 1825 he married Ann Cronk from Sevenoaks in Kent, who went to Calcutta as an indentured servant. On 6th September 1831, Ann, a daughter was born to Ann and Edward. Ann, the daughter, died in 1831 in Calcutta. Edward and Ann returned to Handsworth where Ann died in 1831 and was buried in St Mary's Church, Handsworth.

A widower, in 1833 Edward married Lucy Price, spinster, of Wolverley, Worster at Kidderminster. Lucy had had a son In 1832 - Henry Hart Price (Gozzard). In 1854 Edward and his stepson Henry Gozzard arrived in Sydney aboard the SS Calcutta. Edward had a five year contract to work at the Sydney Mint as a Senior Mechanic at a salary of ₤230 a year. Edward convinced the authorities that Henry, who had been a clerk on the Liverpool Docks on 21/- a week, would be an asset to the Colony, and secured passage for him. Edward stayed five years and received a bonus of an extra year's wages. It is not known when he left Australia, but it is assumed that it was sometime in 1860.

Edward and Lucy were known to live in Baker St Handsworth with their family as shown on the 1841, 1851 and 1861 Censuses. Edward died in 1864. There is no mention of Lucy and the children in the 1871 Census. Lucy died in 1878 after spending several years confined to bed. She was looked after by her unmarried daughter, Agnes. Henry's other siblings were Maria, Edward jnr and Eliza. Edward (snr) left five houses to his children, with provision to be made for Lucy. No mention of Henry was made in the will. It is believed that Edward's Houses were a set of five of 'two-up and two-down' terraces known as Calcutta Terrace in Barker St Handsworth.

Henry Gozzard 1836 - 1902

In 1854, at the age of twenty two, Henry arrived in Sydney with his father, Edward, on board the SS Calcutta. From records and testimonials we know that he was well educated, and in the course of his life was a clerk on the Liverpool docks, farmer, teacher, surveyor and author of a regular column for the Queanbeyan Age.
From 1854 until 1864 little is known of his life. In 1864 he married Margaret Cameron (nee McPherson), a widow with five children. Belying his education and administrative experience he is listed on the marriage certificate as a shepherd. Henry and Margaret had two children, Louisa and Margaret Maria before Margaret died in 1867.

Aston, at Mulligan's Flat, which became the family home, was acquired by Henry through his marriage to Margaret, there being at least three blocks of land in the names of Hugh McPherson, Margaret Cameron and J(?) Cameron. An adjacent block was acquired by Henry in 1871 (Portion 120).

Glimpses of the Gozzards are found it court reports:

In 1872, some five years after Margaret's passing, Henry married another widower, Eliza Hadden, nee Morris. The wedding was reported as follows:

'Eliza Hadden nee Morris born Camden NSW ,widow aged 25 living at Ginninderra daughter of Henry Morris and Hannah Cook married on 28.2.1872 at the residence of Thomas Southwell - 'Parkwood', Ginninderra. Henry Gozzard son of Edward Gozzard and Lucy Price born Birmingham England, farmer aged 35. The witnesses were Thomas and Mary Southwell. Rev William Mansley Bennett officiated. Register of Marriages Queanbeyan Methodist Church'.

Eliza had four children at the time of the marriage:

William Henry Hadden (4.10.1864), Eliza Ann Hadden (3.3.1867), Walter Haddon (1.2.1869) and Amy Hadden (10.8.1870), and she and Henry were to produce another eight:

Henry died at the relatively young age of 66, his passing being recorded by the Goulburn EveningPenny Post:

Obituary – Henry Gozzard.
it is with extreme regret that I have to report the death of another old and highly esteemed resident of Ginninderra in the person of Mr Henry Gozzard which sad event took place at his residence 'Aston' on Friday afternoon last. The deceased who was in his sixty-fifth year had been in a feeble state of health for some few years past. About twelve months ago he decided to pay a lengthy visit to his married step-daughter at Narrandera. Here for a time his health appeared to improve but some two months ago he was again stricken down with what was pronounced by doctors as a serious internal malady, and getting no better it was decided to bring him home, where he arrived on the Saturday previous to his death. The deceased was a native of England and came of an old and highly respected family. He was highly educated and possessed considerable literary abilities. The deceased had been twice married and leaves behind him a widow and very large family of grown up sons and daughters besides quite an army of grandchildren. His remains were interred in the C of E Cemetery at Canberra on Sunday afternoon, and the large cortege which followed them to their last resting place gave unmistakable proof of the high esteem in which he was held in life.
[Wizard's Notes Goulburn Evening Penny Post 9.10.1902]

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[Grateful acknowledgement to descendant John Gozzard and family]

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