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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Henry ('Harry') Ginn

Born: 1856; Died: 1939; Married: Elizabeth [Winter]

Henry ('Harry') Ginn was the second born of William Ginn and Mary Ginn. He was born in Hertfordshire, England and was barely a year old when he sailed for Australia with his parents and older brother Walter. In 1899 'Harry' was to marry a near neighbour, Elizabeth Winter, daughter of John and Jemima Winter of 'Red Hill'. They settled at 'Canberra Park' where Harry engaged in farming and grazing pursuits. Harry died in 1939, predeceasing Elizabeth by nearly twenty years.

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Edited extract from:
Gillespie, L. L. 1992. Ginninderra: Forerunner to Canberra. The Wizard (Canberra local history series): Campbell

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