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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Thomas Preece

Born: 1850; Died: 1922; Married: (Bachelor)

Obituary. The Late Mr. Thomas Preece.

The late Mr. Preece, who died at Rossi on 5th October, was an old colonist. Hie was born at Goormon Ponds, better known in the old days: as ' The Grant,' Gininderra Creek, in the year 1850. His father was a farmer there. After the father's death the two boys, Hugh and Thomas, carried on the farm, supporting their invalid mother and sole sister, Jessie.

Mr. Hugh Preece left there when he was 25 years of age, Thomas staying on. He carried on farming, and was also a carrier and horsebreaker. The farm was subsequently sold, and he then rented a selection on Weetangra, from Ewen Cameron, but on the latter's death he managed The Glebe at Gininderra for the Rev. P. J. Smith, and afterwards he purchased a selection at Reedy Creek, on the Gundaroo road. He rented this, but the house was burnt, and in the fire many beautiful paintings by his mother, who was an artist and sketcher of high merit, were destroyed.

Later on Mr. Preece managed an experimental farm on the Murrumbidgee for Mr. Farrar; after this he went to Captain's Flat, where he was wood carting for a time, but relinquishing that he sold out and lived privately for several years at Queanbeyan. He subsequently followed station and farm work, but having been hurt through a fall from a horse he had to give up active life, and resided quietly at Rossi until the time of his death. He was well known to all the old hands, and held the good opinions of all. An uncle of his, Hugh Stevenson, managed Jeir, Nanima and Bedelick for the late Capt. Johnston for many years. [Mr. H. Preece, of Yass, is now the only surviving member of the family.]
(Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer Tuesday 24 October 1922, p. 2)

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