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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Catherine Moore [nee McKenzie]

Born: 1844; Died: 1914; Married: William Moore

'Women on the land had to be resourceful and hardy to survive the many demands placed of their life. This story was related by Donald Moore, a grandson of Catherine Moore.
Catherine was often left to look after the farm and family at Fairvale, Bulgar Creek, while her husband William tended his other properties or worked with his bullock wagon. One time Catherine decided it was imperative that her baby daughter be baptised. It is not known if the baby was Catherine who only lived seven months or if it was another of her daughters. Catherine saddled up her horse and put the baby in a basket and rode off to St. John's church for the baptism. At gates the baby basket was placed on top of the main gate post while Catherine made her way through the gate on horseback. Fairvale was about ten miles from St. John's church, a ride which would have consumed several hours when carrying a baby. They duly arrived at St. John's church and the baby was baptised. Then Catherine once again mounted her horse and set off for home and her await children'.

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