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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Ethel Maud Moon

Born: 1877; Died: 1944; Married: George Southwell

Obituary - Ethel Maud Southwell:

The subject of this obituary first came to Hall district as a public school teacher about 1904 [26years old ed.] and for a number of years taught in a school at Wallaroo [Brooklands (ed).]. Her boarding place was the home of Mr and Mrs James Southwell of Heywood. From the very beginning she adapted herself to her new surroundings and environment and made friends readily.

Born in 1877, she was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Moon of Blacktown. Soon after her arrival she associated herself with the various activities of the Wattle Park Church in which she rendered valuable service.

After a removal from the district for a period of some years she again returned as the wife of the late George Southwell in 1913, residing at Sunnyside, Hall. She then not only resumed her former place in the community but entered upon even greater fields of service. During the Great War of 1914- 18 she was Secretary of the Hall Red Cross Society, working hard in this regard. She also took an interest in public affairs, being a keen and successful exhibitor at P. and A. Shows and acted as a official for a number of years.

But the place the late Mrs Southwell filled in the church was the most outstanding, being a regular attendant at the services, of great assistance in the choir and a gifted Sunday School treacher. She was a great worker in the Band of Hope and acted as Secretary with her husband for some time.

As Secretary of the Wattle Park Ladies Church Aid, Mrs Southwell displayed great efficiency being Secretary from 1923 until ill health made it necessary for her to resign in 1941. She passed to her great reward at the Haberfield on January 16 last. Her ashes were brought to Wattle Park and placed in the grave with the remains of her late husband in the Hall Cemetery on Sunday February 6, Rev H. R. Arthur officiating.
[Queanbeyan Age 11.2.1944]

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