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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Sydney ('Sid') William Wells Burton

Born: 1875; Died: 1951; Married: Ada Louise [McFeeters]

On 3rd March 1909, Sydney ('Sid') William Wells Burton (b.28 July 1875) of Mongarlowe, NSW, married Ada Louise Mc Feeters (b.7 April 1884) of Jeir, NSW, in the Union Church at Murrumbateman, NSW. He was the son of William and Matilda Burton of Mongarlowe, Braidwood. Ada was the fifth of twelve children born to Charles McFeeters and Louisa Elizabeth Buckmaster.

Their first known place of residence was 'Inglewood' homestead at Mulligans Flat. In 1911, they had moved into a house in Hall owned by Arthur Gozzard. At that time Sid was building the family home in Gibbes Street, Hall, next to Aubrey McClung, from land previously belonging to the Shumack family.

Before coming to the district, Sid was recognised throughout NSW and southern Queensland as a man of outstanding ability, working with engines (steam, petrol and diesel) and on pumping, electrical and pastoral machinery. Sid was an expert with shearing machinery, travelling around the woolsheds at shearing time to service the equipment. He worked in the village as a mechanical engineer, carpenter, plumber and wheelwright. He also worked for Jim Rochford in Hall and for Henry 'Babe' Curran at 'Deasland'. His name appears regularly in the Deasland ledgers.

Sid built houses in Hall, including a home for Ross and Grace Brown - 'Choiseul' - which is still standing in Gladstone Street. He also built a house for his sister, Ada Matilda Burton, on his own block in Gibbes Street.

Working from his corrugated iron shed at the back of his property he not only fixed all types of machinery, but he also made coffins for the local undertaker which sometimes necessitated him working all through the night. With Aubrey McClung he helped build the village well which is located in the recreation reserve at the southern end of Gladstone Street. It is the only well remaining of the three wells which supplied Hall with water.

Sid and Ada had three children, Vera b.1910, Noel b.1911 and William b.1917. They all attended Hall Primary School. During WW11, Noel and William enlisted in the army from Hall, and were engaged in active service in Papua New Guinea. Vera worked in a munitions factory at Mt Stromlo.

Sid and Ada lived in Hall until their deaths in 1951 and 1962, respectively. They are buried in the Hall cemetery along with two of their children, Vera and Noel.

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