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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
George Frederick Dixon

Born: 1821; Died: 1907; Married: Sarah Alice (Purnell)

George Frederick Dixon was born in Sheffield UK in 18321 to an upper class English family. He emigrated to Australia on the 'Lascar' (first class) in 1841 - on the same ship that carried the Gillespie's, Shumack's and Currans to Australia. In Sydney he found employment with the Campbells as a wool-buyer. In 1845 he married Sarah Alice Purnell. They had five daughters, only two of whom - Josepha and Eleanor - survived childhood. In 1855 the family moved to the Limestone Plains, where George acquired land in the Parish of Canberra and became a farmer.

[This is a brief synopsis of a substantial illustrated article on George Frederick Dixon and family, kindly made available by the author, Kirk Palmer.]

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Palmer, Kirk. (2021) George Frederick Dixon 1881-1907. Privately published

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