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Visit by Pre-schoolers

The 'Hall' Pre-schoolers visited the Museum this week together with teachers Cindy and Wendy. They all looked fabulous dressed in old time outfits. They enjoyed looking around the various displays, ending up in the 'old theatre' watching Charlie Chaplin.

Back to old school days. The children sitting nicely and listening to the Teacher!

Teacher Miss Condon!

Children using slates and slate pencils.

Miss Crowley listening carefully to the lesson.

Museum Teacher Mr Mawer sharing a story with the children with assistants Miss Judy and Miss Yvonne.

The children back in Hall in 1913.

Miss Condon asking the children "What is this thing on the wall with bells?" The children guessed it - a telephone!

The children - "a telephone"!!

'Davy Crockett'

At the movies!

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