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Present at Birth

Photos from the Launch by Minister Joy Burch of the Exhibition 'Present at Birth. Schools and teachers of the Capital Territory 1913'

Elizabeth Burness and Jim Cleaver

Alastair Crombie and Colin McAlister

Colin McAlister at the Kowen School storyboard

Dr Geoffrey Burkhardt, Australian National Museum of Education

Grandchildren of Francis McGee: Vivien McGee, Margaret McGee, Angela Doyle, Jim Cleaver.

Honorary Curator Phil Robson

Present at the Launch

Phil Robson, Joy Burch MLA, Glenn Fowler (AEU) and Alastair Crombie

Viewing the exhibition

Phil Robson with Minister Joy Burch at the 'Hall 1913' exhibition

Minister Joy Burch at the 'Hall 1913' exhibition

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