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Visit by Neville Bonner Primary School

7 March 2014

The Australian Education Union organised a visit to the Hall School Museum by a selected group of year 2 pupils from Neville Bonner Primary School.
They spent the morning playing the role of the pupils who attended the school in the early 20th Century would have done.
The visit commenced with the teacher Mrs Grove lining the children up in the playground to salute the Australian flag and sing 'God Save The King'. Then then marched in an orderly fashion to the door of the old school where their hands were checked for cleanliness and were then able to enter the classroom.
The children adopted the names of the children from the 1918 class and sat at the appropriate desks.
Co-incidentally, whilst the children were being 'taught' by Mrs Grove, there was an unexpected visit by the Inspector of Schools Mr. James McCredie. Both the teacher and the pupils had to be on their best and cleverest behaviour!
The Inspector asked each of the children to write their full names on the slates using the slate pencils.
The Inspector then examined their work and finding it satisfactory, presented each child with a 'Qualifying Certificate'.

It was then time for 'little lunch' with the children enjoying fruit and biscuits.

After the break the children visited the other displays at the school.

Feedback from the children was that the visit was enjoyable, interesting and in one case "Freaky". The Museum takes that as a compliment!

Visit by Neville Bonner School

Teacher Miss Grove with Inspector McCredie

Pupils under the Australian flag

In the classroom

Inspector McCredie checking the work.

From the Teacher's desk.

Teacher Miss Grove & Inspector James McCredie at Hall Public School

Inspector McCredie addressing the class.

Teacher Mrs Grove assisting one of the pupils.

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