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Lyall Gillespie Collection

4 February 2015

Photo: Some of the artifacts in the collection

Neil Gillespie, son of the late noted Canberra historian Lyall Gillespie, has donated to the Museum all of Lyall's research papers, books, artifacts, artworks and photographs.

Neil made the decision to donate the extensive collection to the Hall School Museum as his father lived in Hall as a boy and went to Hall School. Also a large amount of Lyall's research centred on the Ginninderra/Hall district.

It is Neil's wish that the Hall Museum becomes the place where students, historians and researchers can visit to access this collection to gather information to assist their studies and projects.

The Friends of the Hall School Museum are honoured and excited by this donation and plans are already being made to display some of the collection and make the research material readily accessible in accordance with Neil's wishes.

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