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Rolfe descendants special visit

7 April 2016

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of putting on exhibitions on aspects of local history and heritage is when members of the district's pioneer families pay us a visit. Denise Fogarty (Bathurst) and Pat Gentle (Coffs Harbour) and their husbands were very welcome visitors to the Centre today, Denise and Pat being descendants the Rolfe family.

Denise is the grand-daughter of Michael Rolfe ('Hillcrest'), who in turn was a son of James and Bridget Rolfe whose property 'Bedelluck' could be found on what we now know as Rolfe Road. Pat is the daughter of John Patrick ('Jack') Rolfe, one of Michael's brothers. She has early memories of staying at 'Bedelluck' with her Uncle Frank and Aunt Kathleen.

'Jack' Rolfe is one of the local ANZAC's featured in the Centre's exhibition 'When Hall answered the call'. We are delighted that Pat was able to give up copies of several photographs of Jack and his mates, a letter that he had written to his sister Kathleen, and a card that he had received from Bertha Thompson, daughter of the (then) Ginninderra school teacher Charles Thompson. These items have been added to our folder.

Our picture shows Pat and Denise looking through our folders on the Rolfes of 'Gold Creek' and on John Patrick Rolfe.

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