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A trip to Queanbeyan Museum

18 October 2017

A visit to Queanbeyan Museum
A visit to Queanbeyan Museum

A good number of our volunteers made the trip over to Queanbeyan today to view the Queanbeyan Museum and meet with the volunteer staff there. We found ourselves examining not only the content of the displays, but the nature of the displays - the ways in which material was put on display. The Queanbeyan colleagues shared generously of their experiences. They have strong support from the Council, meets all building and overheads costs, and helps with collection management.

One of their most distinctive 'displays' is a very long streetscape mural of early Queanbeyan along one of the boundary walls; an appealing idea for us to imitate?! A leisurely viewing of the exhibits was followed by morning tea on the verandah, and a solemn undertaking from Fred, Kris Maria and Leigh - our hosts and guides - to make a return visit to Hall in the new year.

Thanks were given to Marion Banyard, our visit organiser.

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