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'The little spinster'

19 February 2018

The old Hall school became a film set on 12th January. Annie, the film director, has given us this information about the project. The project is a low-budget feature film written and directed by local student film-maker Annie Liana Scott. Among her key team are other students who have just finished year 12, along with several graduates of Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art. They have funded the project themselves with help from an online Kickstarter campaign, and hope to enter the film into festivals after its completion later this year.

'The Little Spinster' follows the story of Lauren, a young woman living in small town Australia at the beginning of the twentieth century. Her once-peaceful life, which involves caring for her younger siblings and working as a teaching assistant at the local school, is thrown into disarray when she is urged to rescue her family from poverty by marrying a wealthy man she does not love. As Lauren wrestles with her options, she must decide on who she really is and what she is prepared to sacrifice for true love. 

And this accolade for Mardie Troth who liaised with Annie and her crew: "Thank you for being so supportive and helpful on Friday. We really appreciated everything that you did".

The Little Spinster

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