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Loan to National Capital Authority

19 July 2018

Ken Heffernan, Alastair Crombie, and Roslyn Hull (NCA)
Ken Heffernan, Alastair Crombie, and Roslyn Hull (NCA)

Today we officially signed off on the loan of Aboriginal stone artefacts to the National Capital Authority (NCA) for incorporation into their refurbished National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point.

In late 2017 the NCA asked us if they might borrow items from the Aboriginal stone artefacts in the Gillespie Collection. They Regatta Point Exhibition gets around 170,000 visitors a year. After consultation with local Representative Aboriginal Organisations, over a hundred items from the Black Mountain peninsula are to be displayed at Regatta Point.

Gillespie Collection coordinator Ken Heffernan (with some helpers) has prepared descriptions, measurements and photographs of each artefact. They will be on loan for five years. This reflects the Centre's confidence in the display and educational quality of the National Capital Exhibition, and the hope that it enables visitors to learn more from Aboriginal custodians and from our Centre. The Centre will receive a small annual fee and be appropriately credited in the display.

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