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Thanks, but not 'good-bye'......

30 July 2018

Alastair Crombie and Katrina Marshall
Alastair Crombie and Katrina Marshall

The visit of representatives from the Heraldry and Genealogical Society of Canberra seemed the ideal time for us to give Katrina Marshall a proper 'thankyou' for all the good work she has done. As an ANU Masters student at the Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies, Katrina was required to undertake an Internship in a relevant cultural organisation, the requirement being 130 hours of documented activity. The internship requirements were completed some time back, and Katrina has chosen to continue on for a while as a volunteer. She say she is determined to complete the cataloguing of the Gillespie Collection now that she is very close.

Alastair Crombie presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation and a gift token for the Co-op Bookshop to the acclamation of all present. Katrine tells us that she will be off to Holland with her partner after Christmas - but until then we will see a bit more of her.

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