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Annual meeting - wisdom and cake

3 August 2018

Dr. Alison Wain addressing our annual meeting
Dr. Alison Wain addressing our annual meeting

At our annual meeting on 2nd August Dr Alison Wain from the University of Canberra supplied the wisdom, and all the usual trusty cooks supplied the cake! Alison, who is course convenor of the Heritage, Museums and Conservation program at UC, gave a very thoughtful presentation of the special characteristics of 'community' museums - the critical one being direct connection to the people and places of the locality. Such museums are telling the stories of those who are responsible for them, have built them and make them work. This resonated well with an appreciative audience, many of whom have got to know Alison as leader of an annual visitation from a large group of her students.

Phil Robson and Ken Heffernan both offered reflections on the excellent contributions that student volunteers from UC have game to the Centre's work, and we are hopeful that we will be seeing more of Alison and her students.

Alison joined us for an excellently catered morning tea allowing members to fortify themselves for the meeting still to come. On reconvening Alastair Crombie drew attention to some of the highlights of the year, as documented in an annual report that many contributed to - the 'Two Villages' exhibition, establishment of the Archives Unit and Family History Unit, getting the education program (school visits) up and running, welcoming the Southwell Society into the Centre, cataloguing of the Gillespie Collection, negotiation and finalisation of a loan of stone artefacts to the National Capital Authority. The treasurer was able to report a surplus for the year of a little over $4,000, greatly helped by a sterling fund raising effort which yielded over $7.000 for the year. Positive reflections were also made of the boon of a new five year lease agreement on the school site, which will encourage and enable longer term planning.

Warm thanks to Alison for her enthusiastic and wise words about the special qualities of the community museum.

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