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Our annual meeting

11 August 2019

Honorary Curator Alastair Crombie presents the Centre's annual report
Honorary Curator Alastair Crombie presents the Centre's annual report

Our 2019 annual meeting survived a number of challenges to go ahead as scheduled on 8th August. Our buildings are undergoing renovation, including relocation of reverse cycle heating units; the day was exceptionally cold; and most challenging, our guest speaker had to withdraw, having broken her wrist! All this was overcome.

Honorary Curator Alastair Crombie (pictured) presented the Centre's annual report, enhanced with contributions from others reporting on particular areas of activity. The annual report, which has been widely circulated, details the activities and achievements of the past year.

One highlight achievement was winning all four grants that we applied for, enabling us to carry out a number of important projects:

  • Dept of Veteran's Affairs (Armistice Commemoration Program):

'Armistice and After' exhibition - $3000

  • National Library of Australia Community Heritage Program: Significance Assessment of the Gillespie Collection - $4950
  • ACT Heritage Grant Program:

'Stories in dirt'. Geomorphology of the Halls Creek Aboriginal Sites Zone - $7120

Augmented reality additions to six Canberra Tracks heritage signs in the Heritage Precinct of Hall - $3,543.80

The existing managing group of Alastair Crombie and two deputies - Mardie Troth and Paul Howarth - was re-apppointed, and the treasurer presented a report showing a healthy position.

The annual report is available for downloading.

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