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7 October 2019

Dr Alan Jones, Isla Patterson and Mardie Troth
Dr Alan Jones, Isla Patterson and Mardie Troth

Around a hundred visitors throughout the day enjoyed our latest exhibition, the innovative fusion of art and heritage - 'A palette of pioneer places'. A selection of Isla Patterson's watercolour paintings of early district properties - all but one painted especially for the exhibition - are accompanied by carefully researched details of the properties of the people who settled them. While summaries of the historical information is part of the display, folders of research notes carry additional information. The exhibition was curated by our Deputy Honorary Curator Mardie Troth, who has led a team of our volunteers over the past year.

The exhibition was opened by Dr Alan Jones, a painter himself, and former President of the Canberra Art Society. Mardie Troth opened proceedings with an overview of the exhibition, and Isla Patterson spoke about some the experiences she had in making the paintings. It has been a great pleasure and a wonderful learning experience for the Centre to work with Isla on this project.

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