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Museum comes alive with song!

27 May 2021

Rachel Hore conducys a cappella song for museum volunteers
Rachel Hore conducys a cappella song for museum volunteers

Our volunteers were recently treated to short and very sweet a cappella concert. A group of singers attending a choral workshop with renowned choralist Rachel Hore enquired whether they might visit the Centre. They were not told that to get in they would have to offer a song or two - but Honorary Curator Alastair Crombie did ask if they might burst into song whilst with us. And they did! Highlight of this exclusive mini-concert (for the HC anyway) was a warm. lilting arrangement of the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem 'Crossing the bar'. It was a delight to see and hear our main exhibition space filled with fine voices - an experience that seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The choristers, only a few of whom were from Canberra, then spent an hour or so exploring our various exhibitions, before heading down the road to Hall central for a bite to eat.

Many thanks Rachel, and Joe Cresswell (organizer) - and to all of the singers. They had not sung together before this week, and gave fine performances of song that they had only worked at for a couple of day. Come again!

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