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Conference delegates visit

12 June 2021

AMaGA conference delegates briefing
AMaGA conference delegates briefing

The Centre recently hosted delegates from the national conference of the Australian Museums and Galleries Association. Postponed last year because of the COVID pandemic, the conference was again heavily impacted - this time by the situation in Victoria. Nevertheless, a small group were welcomed to the Centre and given a series of short presentations summarising our work before heading off to view the Gillespie Collection, the old bush school, the education programme room - and the rest! It is no longer a short task to show visitors all that is going on.

The group was led by Ros Hull for the NCA, Attractions Manager for the National Capital Authority, who knows the Centre well, having negotiated with us the loan of 100 or so stone artefacts from the Gillespie Collection for inclusion in the National Capital Exhibition at Regatta Point.

We are pleased to have been selected by AMaGA as one of the field visit sites offered to delegates, and being able to showcase the achievements of a small community heritage centre.

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