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Cricket goes to Cook

7 January 2022

Together with the Canberra and District Historical Society, we are now partnering with Family History ACT to present 'Fooling around in flannels' at the the Cook Community Hub. The exhibition is now open for viewing in the hallway outside the FHACT offices in the old Cook Primary school.

Long before the Big Bash with its music, bright lights and multi-coloured kit, cricket was a part of the early life of Canberra. This exhibition is an anecdotal account of how cricket was woven into the fabric of district life from the earliest colonial times. Storyboards showcase a sporting and social history - William Davis Junior's 1850s 'old and invincible Ginninderra Cricket Club', how the ladies of the district played the game, the Keir Cup in the 1920s, Manuka Oval in the 1960s and much more. Each storyboard captures a fascinating story about a bygone era of cricket – the Cricketers' Arms, Pickhandle Games, Bean and the Twisters, Mailey's Bohemians and Ming the Munificent, to name just a few.

'Fooling Around in Flannels – Cricket on the Limestone Plains' is not only for cricket enthusiasts but those who enjoy social history and a good story. The exhibition will be in the hallway for your enjoyment until June 2022. If you'd like a memento of the exhibit, pick up a copy of the booklet 'Fooling around in Flannels', published by the friends of the Hall School Museum and Heritage Centre. Available at the FHACT Library for a bargain price of $5.50 (GST inc).

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