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Gift from the National Portrait Gallery

17 January 2022

Peter Browning, Aaron de Smet, and Sheridan Burnett
Peter Browning, Aaron de Smet, and Sheridan Burnett

The Centre has been blessed with the gift of eight splendid new display cases from the National Portrait Gallery. Surplus to their requirement, the cases are a remarkable addition to our exhibition furniture.

Four of them will replace the present display cases for our exhibition of Aboriginal stone artefacts, 'Stones the Speak, which the remainder are being installed in the annexe to our main exhibition space. This will shortly become the home of a special display 'The Brooklands story', celebrating three generations of Southwell ownership of that property.

This is n to the first time that the Centre has benefited from the largesse of Canberra's major cultural institutions. It is rewarding to know that they are willing and able to give us a helping hand from time to time.

Our photo shows volunteer Peter Browning, NPG Exhibitions Designer Aaron de Smet, and Exhibitions Manager Sheridan Burnett on their 'post-delivery' visit to the Centre.

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