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Entrance foyer gets a lift!

13 June 2022

Entrance foyer refreshed!
Entrance foyer refreshed!

No, not that sort of lift! A $3,000 grant from the Commonwealth Department of Culture, Heritage and Arts, administered by the Australian Museums and Galleries Association, has enabled us to undertake a project of renewal for our entrance foyer area. The 'refresher' that we have planned for this area is underpinned by replacement of a very ancient and well-worn carpet using this grant. Now that the carpet is installed we are working on some new signage and a reconfiguration of the material we have on display in this area.

The Culture, Heritage and Arts Regional Tourism (CHART) program is a $3 million Australian Government program that aims to support community cultural, heritage and arts organisations in regional Australia as they recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

The Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) is administering the CHART program on behalf of the Australian Government.

"Community-run arts and cultural organisations – including community museums, galleries, and historical societies – will benefit from CHART program funding. The program will support these organisations to continue to offer appealing cultural tourism experiences to visitors, which in turn will enhance local expenditure".

We are hoping now that an application to ACT Heritage for a new disability access path to the main entrance to the foyer will also be successful, which will result in posh new access for visitors to the Centre!

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