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Fairley, Mr William

Fairley taught at Murrumbateman for nearly seven years, and must have made a positive impression - his name has recently been given to the first residential sub-division of land in Murrumbateman since 1876.

The following is taken from the 'Fairley - at Murrumbateman' website
'William Fairley was responsible for planting the gardens and many trees around the school grounds. He inspired his students and taught them to nurture the environment they lived in. The former Murrumbateman School is adjacent to the new subdivision of 'Fairley' and is a place of historical importance for the community.

Fairley is situated on an old cattle and sheep farm previously known as Murrumbateman Station, which over time became Hawthorn Station. Hawthorn was once home to the local blacksmiths shop, inn, store and workers homes and was regarded as the centre of life until 1876, when the current village was built'.


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