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Dunn, Flora A.

Flora Dunn married Patrick Rolfe, one of the sons of 'Gold Creek' station owner Edmund Rolfe in 1907, after teaching at Mulligan's Flat school 1903-1905.

School Treat

The breaking-up for the holidays of the. Mulligan's Flat Provisional School was marked by a most pleasing little event in the shape of a picnic tendered by the teacher, Miss F. A. Dunn, assisted by a few neighbours, to her pupils and their parents. The early part of the afternoon was devoted to the distribution of prizes, the first dealt with being two beautiful and valuable book prizes presented by Mr. F. A. Moffatt, of Queanbeyan, to be awarded for best recitations by pupils 2nd and 3rd class respectively. In the 3rd class competition the prize was awarded to Master Harold Gillespie for his masterly rendition of Banjo Patterson's beautiful poem, 'Lost'. In the 2nd class the prize fell to the lot of Miss Mary Ryan for a most creditable rendition of 'I Remember.' Miss Dunn acted as judge in the competition, and her decisions appeared to give the highest satisfaction.

In connection with school duties beautiful book prizes were awarded by the teacher to Miss Mary Ryan for best attendance, and to Masters Harold Gillespie, Fred Butters, and Thos. Ryan for good conduct, best exercise book and general improvement respectively. When this part of the business had been disposed of all present were regaled with tea and dainty refreshments, of which there was an abundant supply.

The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to a programme of foot races, for which Miss Dunn had provided a good supply of suitable prizes, which were eagerly contested for by the delighted juveniles. The enjoyable little event will no doubt have the effect of still further cementing the good feeling already existing between the teacher and her pupils.

[Goulburn Evening Penny Post. Notes from Ginninderra, The Wizard. Thursday 24 December 1903].


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