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Melvin, Stanley Herbert

Stanley Melvin's tribulations

Teacher Stanley Melvin, arriving at Naas in June 1905, tried hard to better his position. Within a few weeks of appointment he requested that the school be reclassified from 10th to 9th Class. He then sought an extra 'living allowance' of £12 p.a. on account of the 'outlying locality' and 'present state and size of the building'. He observes that he has "been in this service for 6yrs and 10mths and my salary is only $88 per annum".

In March 1907, although boarding right beside the school, he requested that 'as compensation for the inconvenience of my position', his annual £10 forage allowance be continued. "It is necessary for me to keep a horse of my own to reach such places (during Saturday and Sunday) that tend to refine".

The following month he wrote from 'Naas House': "I am at present lodging with one of the boundary-riders on Cuppacumbalong Station......[this] is the fourth place where I have sought lodging while in charge of this school (23 months) and none of them are places where a teacher can be at all comfortable". All these discontents were solved a few months later in October 1907 when Melvin left Naas – hopefully for greener pastures.......


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