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Clifton, Silas Edwin

Clifton married Mary McIntosh of Majura, the youngest of John McIntosh's twelve children. The Cliftons later moved (briefly) to Barnes Creek, and then to Mugwill School near Gundaroo, where Clifton was the teacher for ten years 1895-1905.

A departmental file note of 18th December 1894 on Silas E Clifton:

Age 18 years in 1892. Unmarried [ie born 1874]
Instructed to act as Teacher at Majura Provisional - 9 Feb 1892
Instructed to take temporary charge of Majura and Malcolm Vale Half Time £96 - 28th March 1892.
Informed that, as it is evident that he is not qualified to conduct successfully two Half-Time Schools, arrangements will be made at an early date for his removal to a small full-time school (KS 1.9.92)
Instructed to act as Teacher at Barnes Creek Provisional - 28th Sept 1892
Awarded IIIB prov: (exam 25.6.94) from 1st July 1894


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