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Friends of the Museum

The ‘Friends of Hall School Museum’ group was established in 2011. Together with the Honorary Curator, Phil Robson, the ‘Friends’ now take care of the Museum and all aspects of it’s planning and development.

Many different kinds of people might be interested in becoming a Friend. For example:

Not all ‘Friends’ are actively involved in the various activities associated with the Museum, but their membership is still highly valued. For those willing and able to become directly involved they can of course choose when, and what sort of tasks to help with. Tasks include:

Some 'Friends' may be able to help with some of these tasks. The 'Friends' as a group can give support to the volunteer workers, by taking an interest in their activities and promoting the interests of the Museum in other forums. The 'Friends' are a key reference group when future plans and directions are contemplated.

Registration Form

Are you interested in becoming a 'Friend'? Complete the form below or download a 'Friends' Membership Form and send it to us. We will greatly value having you as another 'Friend'!

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