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'A Tale of Two Villages'

Photos from the morning of the launch of the exhibition - 22 April 2018

Tony Morris, Jan Dunnett and Beulah McAppion

Bessie Bardswell, Kingsley Southwell and Melda Crawford

The Southwell and Brown Premier Store display

The struggle for an official post office

Southwell and Brown's Premier Store, c.1911

MLA Michael Pettersson talking with Ken Heffernan about the display of aboriginal heritage

Alastair Crombie, Honorary Curator

Audience for the launch

Audience for the launch

Inspector Pane (AKA Allen Mawer) gives vote of thanks to Michael Pettersson

Two Schools of thought

McCLung's saddlery business

Rabbit traps

Going to church

Michael Pettersson MLA for Yerrabi, launching the exhibition

Pam Grace, John Starr and Bevis Brown

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