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Thomas, Mr Ambrose

Ambrose Thomas succeeded Thomas Lake as teacher at Sutton:

"The affectionate regard in which Lake was held created challenges for his successor, Ambrose Thomas. Being new and an unknown within the district, he was viewed with suspicion. The Department received several complaints about the new teacher's methods. On a personal note, Thomas had financial troubles and was declared bankrupt.

Despite his personal and professional problems Thomas was responsible for alterations to the buildings in 1908 with a new kitchen for the residence and changes to the classroom to accommodate the learning style of the new syllabus. While chalk and slates were still in common usage, writing books and nibs were introduced. Ambrose was also keen on music, playing the violin. His presence brought a strong emphasis on singing and music to the classroom. Thomas Ambrose left Sutton in May 1910"

[from 'Sutton Stories', compiled by Alan McNeill and Alison Walker, Sutton and District Community Association, 2019. p.49]


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