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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
Matthias Smith

Born: 1817; Died: 1903; Married: Rebecca Bell

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John Smith (1790-1903) and Rebecca Bell had married on 14 December 1815 at St Andrews, Great Ravelly, Cambridge UK and had two children – Matthias (1817-1903) and Edward (04/01/1822-1888).

Matthias Smith (1817-1903) married Eunice Field in 1843 in Wistow and they had three children - William (1844), Robert (1846) and Mathew (1857), but it appears that Eunice died soon after Mathew was born.

Edward Smith had married Mary Kilby in 1841 and emigrated to Australia, so Matthias, Robert and Mathew came out to join him at Weetangera.

Matthias Smith 45, Robert 16 and Mathew age 5 arrived in Australia on 12 November 1862 on the "Northumberland" from Plymouth - listed as widower and family.

Matthias Smith farmed in the district and died in Sydney in 1903.

Mathew Smith (1857-1937) married Eliza Plummer (1860-1937) on 22 April 1879 at the Weetangera Wesleyan church.

Mathew and Eliza had six children who attended the Weetangera School.

Francis Elizabeth (22/08/1879-1936) married Bernard Ryan.
Esther Ann (18/04/1881-1973) married Clarence Bede Cavanagh of "Strayleaf", Mulligans Flat.
Amy Adeline (28/09/1883 - ) married Alex Schumack of "Springvale", Weetangera.
Miriam Alice (1886-1968) married Arthur Elliot.
William John (31/12/1887-1919) – possibly died from the Flu pandemic.
Mabel Lavinia (1898-1966 or 1968) married George Kaye.

Mathew died on 26 June 1937 at Concord, Sydney and Eliza (Plummer) died on 24 December 1937 at 77 and is buried at St John's Church of England, Reid ACT with her son William.


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