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Rediscovering Ginninderra

These web pages are a portal for 'rediscovering Ginninderra'.

The focus is the century of European settlement from the 1820's to the aftermath of creation of the Capital Territory. Geographically we equate Ginninderra broadly with the catchment of Ginninderra Creek, which aligns well with Lyall Gillespie's observation: "At the time of settlement, Ginninderra district spread from the Murrumbidgee River on its western fringe eastwards beyond Mulligans Flat and from Upper Canberra on its southern boundary northwards to Bedellick on the Yass Road, encompassing the Parishes of Bedulluck, Canberra, Goorooyaroo and Weetangera" (Gillespie, 1992, p.xxi). Click here for an interesting compilation of variations in the spelling of 'Ginninderra'.

We recognise and respect prior indigenous ownership of all the lands of Ginninderra. While there are some references here to indigenous people and culture we have not tried at this time to tell the story of aboriginal habitation and custodianship.

This is a work-in-progress. Entries for some People and Places have not yet been posted, and existing entries can be expanded. Viewers are warmly invited to let us know if you are able to

The display enables you to explore Ginninderra through a selection of prominent Places and People. The database is fully searchable (top right of this page). Zoomable map or satellite imagery enables precise location of Places. People and Places are linked, to each other and to Photos and Documents, where appropriate. References to publications and other web resources accompany entries.

References have been collated into a downloadable Bibliography which will be updated from time to time.

Our work relies heavily on the foundations built by Lyall Gillespie, and particularly his 1992 book 'Ginninderra. Forerunner to Canberra'. Our Centre is now privileged to be custodian of his research collection, and we expect to continue to draw from this well for many years to come.

Your contributions would be welcomed - corrections, additions to existing items, or suggestions about additional People or Places. Our warm thanks to those who have already contributed. Please .

Rediscovering Ginninderra - Location Map

Locate and explore Places which are part of the Ginninderra story - homesteads, schools, churches, places of recreation, and more. Click an icon on the zoomable map, or select from the list of places below it. A number on the map indicates a number of places which are close together.

Hover over an icon to see the name of the place at that location, and click to view the full details and related media. Double-click to zoom in.

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Rediscovering Ginninderra - People

Select from the alphabetical list of People who are part of the Ginninderra story. Those marked with an asterix are 'work in progress'. If you can contribute or have suggestions for additional entries, please .