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Rediscovering Ginninderra:

In 1881 David Rule took up land in the county of Murray, Parish of Wallaroo. This property became known as 'Allwood'. David had arrived in Australia with his parents James and Mary (nee Hammond) and his elder brothers William and John on the ship 'Herald' which arrived in Sydney in 1856. He arrived in the Ginninderra district in about 1862.

On 2nd October 1871 he married Agnes Munday, daughter of James Munday and Ann (nee Trow) who came to Australia on the ship 'Irene' in 1852. James worked for William Davis as head gardener at the Ginninderra estate and later rented a farm from him near Gungahlin homestead. He eventually purchased a farm at Bedellick where the family lived for many years. It was reported in the Queanbeyan Age in August 1872 that fire at the Munday farm destroyed a thrashing machine owned by their son-in-law, David Rule. It was reported that "Mr G. Harcourt has opened a subscription list and has collected about thirty pounds to assist Mr Rule following his loss."

It is not known exactly when David and Agnes moved to 'Allwood' and built the substantial slab cottage that survives today. Nine children, one of whom died at birth, were born to this family between 1875 and 1893 and some
descendants are still living in this district.

Allwood is made up of two buildings that have undergone restoration by the current owners. They are believed to have been built in the late 1800's by David Rule and his wife Agnes. It is thought that the first building to be completed was on the western side comprising a sitting / dining area with fireplace and a bedroom. The kitchen and verandah under the skillion roof were probably completed a little later. The second dwelling it is understood was built as two bedrooms for the eight Rule children, four boys and four girls who lived here.

David died in November 1932 but his wife Agnes survived until September 1943. The original slab cottage at 'Allwood' has been fully restored by the current owners and has been recognized by Yass Valley Council's Local Environment Plan as having 'local historic significance'

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