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ANU student visit

9 March 2022

Dr Anna Edmundson (kneeling) and Museum studies students from the ANU
Dr Anna Edmundson (kneeling) and Museum studies students from the ANU

We were very pleased to welcome a group of postgraduate students from the ANU on Tuesday 8th March. Course leader Dr Anna Edmundson had chosen the Centre for the first of a series of visits, looking at small, medium and large institutions and exploring their various strengths and weaknesses. The course is run by the ANU's Centre for Museum and Heritage Studies.

After a brief overview of our first ten years. Allen Mawer talked about our 'old bush school', and our flagship exhibition 'From Ginn-ginin-derry to Hall'. Phil Robson gave a briefing on the Gillespie Collection (including the stone artefacts display, 'Stones the speak') and our well-developed collection management system. Mardie Troth described the Education Program and its plans for the future, leaving Peter Browning to summarise our Family and Local History program and our display on the last Ginninderra blacksmith as an example of what it can produce.

The visitors then had a one hour guided tour of the Centre, before gathering to share some reflections - and suggestions. Such visits are warmly welcomed - in part for the challenge that they present to us of finding better ways to describe and explain our work.

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