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Rediscovering Ginninderra:
'Ah Chow'

'Ah Chow'
'Ah CHow' - the home of Walter David Munday (son of James and Ann Munday) and Lucy Jane [Southwell]. Nanima Road

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  • Ann Munday
    Ann Trow (daughter of James Trow and his wife Elizabeth) was from Gloucestershire, England,...
  • Frederick Munday
    Frederick was born in 1870. He married Rebecca Mackay and they lived at 'Evadell', Ginninderra...
  • James Munday
    James Munday and his wife Anne were assisted migrants, arriving in NSW on the ship 'Irene'...
  • Walter David Munday
    Walter David was born in 1873 and married Jane Southwell, daughter of Samson and Elizabeth...

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