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Sunshine, ice cream, music!

29 March 2021

A section of the audience for 'Brass on the Grass'
A section of the audience for 'Brass on the Grass'

More than two hundred people attended the annual fundraiser of the Hall School Museum and Heritage Centre, on a classic Canberra autumn day. Almost $2,000 was raised - an excellent result. Our warm thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.

As customary the first half of the programme was contributed by the Victoria Street Brass under the direction of Adam Power, a highlight being their Welsh medley.

During the interval attention turned to buying tickets in the raffle. Prizes were contributed by Angelo and Maria Maglasis, Barnett Lilley & Associates, Last Stop at Ambledown Brook (Jenny and David Kilby), Capital Wines, Daughters at Hall, Endless Beauty and Hall Farm Supplies. We are very grateful for this generous support, which enabled us to raise $1,023 with the raffle - a great result. A bucket collection raised almost $500.

Canberra Brass opened the second half with gusto and style, playing Bach's Toccata in D Minor - a much loved classic. Fine vocal soloist Neille Williams added a jazz / blues flavour, including 'I've got rhythm' and 'Georgia on my mind'.

In addition to the stunning weather, the fine state of the turf got many mentions. Darrell Minion gave the lead to a Dad's Army of Ride on mowers which had the school 'lawns' fit for a Royal Garden Party!

'Brass on the Grass' 2021

Soaking up sunshine at Brass on the Grass

Canberra Brass at work

Neille Williams up front with a song

Neille Williams on song

Musical Director Veronica Boulton leads Canberra Brass

David Kilby and Neille Williams - raffle business

Trees, brass, grass...

A band's eye view

Canberra Brass

DK's fabulous footwear!

Darrell Minion hard at work on the school lawn

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